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Dealing with your complaint

Shawcross Williams values each and every customer. In the unlikely event that you are not happy with the service provided by us, we shall do our best to put things right. Any complaint will be dealt with in an efficient, fair and positive way as described below.

Stage 1

Upon receipt of a complaint, a complaint form is completed with as much information as possible and passed to the Practice Manager.

Stage 2

The Practice Manager will decide if the complaint can be dealt with by the end of the next working day and arrange for the customer to be advised.

If the complaint is more complex or requires investigation before a decision can be made, the Practice Manager will liaise with the Insolvency Practitioner by the end of the next working day and advise the client.

Stage 3

The Practice Manager will enter details of the complaint onto company records for tracking purposes.

The Practice Manager will acknowledge receipt of the complaint in writing, within 5 working days from stage 1, but usually within 48 business hours.

Stage 4

We will investigate your complaint and endeavour to send our final response letter to you within 8 weeks of stage 1. 

The final response letter is our final decision following the investigation of your complaint in a fair and impartial manner, based on actual information we have available to us.

Stage 5

If we are unable to provide you with a final response within 8 weeks, we will write to you explaining why and advise when we expect to reach a final response.


If you have not received a final response letter from us within 8 weeks of the complaint date (stage 1), or you are dissatisfied with the decisions in our final response letter, you can write to the relevant regulatory body via the Insolvency Service Complaints Gateway at:


Alternatively you can complain via writing to the following address:

IP Complaints, Insolvency Service, 3rd Floor, 1 City Walk, Leeds, LS11 9DA.

Telephone: The Insolvency Service Enquiry Line on 0300 6780015 (Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm).